You can associate website design like that in fashion. You can see on the website design trends that there are those that are classic, modern, cool and so on; while there are also those that are best left forgotten. Would you like your website to be one of the ones that are best left forgotten?

Don’t think so!

Here is the list of horrible website design trends that you should consider NOT adding on your website!


Using Flash and Glitzy Graphics

This can be cool if you have a kiddie website, but try not to even think about adding this style as this can slow down the download speed of your website. It may catch everyone’s eye, but not in a good way.


The Hideous Pop-ups

Do you remember the time when pop-ups were just new, where nobody finds it annoying? Well, we are now in 2014 and having lots of pop-ups in your website is a big deal breaker! If you want to get noticed properly, using pop-ups may just lead you to have your visitors clicking like mad to try and get out of your website. If you want to keep the visitors and stay on your site, do not think about installing pop ups in your site.


Blaring Backgrounds and Hard-to-Read Texts

One other annoying style that some website owners do is to apply blaring colored texts as well as backgrounds. This can put off any visitors. One thing that you don’t want to do is to get your visitors to strain their eyes too much. People that come across such sites just automatically close your website; and there goes your chance for getting customers. Tsk! Tsk!


Hidden Navigation Bars

One of the great tricks to a good website design is to have a user-friendly navigation bars. Do not hide any navigation bars and keep your visitors guessing where to go next or what to click next to the page they want to go. You have a big chance of losing potential customers that way – unless that is really your goal?


Goofy Fonts

If your website is set to fit for a business or profession, it is not advisable to use goofy fonts such as Comic Sans and the like. You want to be taken seriously, right? Then get it right. You can use Arial font which is the most common especially for business. Arial is actually universal, but you can also choose other font type provided it is easy to read and looks professional.

Having a great website design doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as you know what you want and as long as you stay away from these top 5 horrible website trends that are really deal breakers especially if you want to establish your business or profession online. A good website can tell a lot about your company.

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