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Tips on how to create clear and engaging contents that capture the readers’ attention.


Engaging content for E-mail Marketing

A lot of email marketers implement different strategies in improving the effectiveness of their campaigns. However, there is one thing that is commonly overlooked and that is the copywriting part.

For a seasoned or for a novice writer, it is recommended that you build up your editorial skills and verify your email marketing campaigns contain important information that you want to convey to your readers.

A good content helps what you offer to your readers and how they should respond. So here are the ten copywriting tips to help with writing an engaging content for your readers, be able to convey your business message and be able to create effective calls for action.

TIP # 1: Knowing Your Audience

You need to understand who your email or content is going to. What message you do you want to reach out to your readers? The way to approach this is, to have a better understanding the psyche or your readers and pick the things that are important to them or what they are passionate about.

The more you know about the type of audience you have, the more targeted and relevant your content would be.

TIP #2: Determine the Value of Your Proposition

You need to give enough reason why the customer has to buy your product or service. Main question when your content is presented, “What’s in it for them?” Tell them why your product is better than the others and what is unique about it?

TIP #3: Setup a Unique Selling Strategy

Make your offer stand out from the rest. The more unique your offer is and an inviting delivery the better your chances of getting a positive feedback. Your approach has to be strong enough to convince your audience.

TIP #4: Establishing Your Goals

Get your objectives straight and understand what the purpose of your content is – especially for your email marketing. What action is expected from their end when they read your content? Make it clear to your readers.

TIP #5: Create a Persuasive Subject or Topic

The opening line or subject line is what gets people to read the content. Carefully think things through of what you want to write that makes the audience have to read your content.

TIP #6: An Attractive Headline

As soon as the subject or topic gets your audiences’ attention, then a follow-up message or headline gets them to read further. Always keep this in mind when writing a good headline: What’s in it for the audience. What do they get from you or your offer?

TIP #7: Use of Like and Will in Your Approach of Words

Avoid using an indirect approach of words such as may, maybe, hope, wish, try and others that convey uncertainty or second-guessing.

TIP #8:  Never use a Passive approach or Passive Voice

Always write the present tense. Using a passive approach only weakens your whole message.

TIP #9: Add a Customer Quote

If you can add brief and convincing customer quote at the end of your contents of email marketing campaigns that would be recommended. Just a simple and persuasive quote can add some credibility to your campaigns.

TIP #10: Keep a Clean and Clear Message

Once you write your first content, read it out loud and see if the message is clear enough for your audience and be able to understand the call to action. Cut unnecessary words and add bullet points and subtitles if possible for an easy reading.

When you apply all these tips, then there is no chance that you can go wrong with not able to reach your audience.

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